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Pricing and Annual Plans


Send a card to a friend or colleague!

A single card is only $4.99 USD and includes unlimited signatures and pages!

Create a card for $4.99 USD


You can save time and money by choosing an annual plan:

10% Off

$4.49 USD

per card

5 cards

$22.45 USD

15% Off

$4.20 USD

per card

10 cards

$42.00 USD

Most Popular

25% Off

$3.72 USD

per card

25 cards

$93.00 USD

30% Off

$3.48 USD

per card

50 cards

$174.00 USD

40% Off

$2.99 USD

per card

100 cards

$299.00 USD

Our annual plans are valid for a year from the date of purchase. They are a one time payment and do not automatically renew.